St John’s School (Püha Johannese Kool) is a private school based on Christian values drawing on the Orthodox Christian tradition and teaching. The school was founded in 2013 in Tallinn, Estonia.

Today the school has 295 students in 1st-7th grade; it has a pre-school as well as numerous extra-curricular activities.

The school started as the initiative of a group of parents and teachers who wanted to have a school for their children that would enable to get a good education but not at any cost. Good education cannot be boiled down to measurable results only. The OECD's Pisa survey shows that the results of Estonian schoolchildren rank relatively high in the international comparison. However, unlike in the neighboring Nordic countries, the children's motivation and satisfaction with school is low. The new school endeavors to unite high academic results and the joy of learning.

The school based on co-operation, not competition. There are no admission tests for entering the school, no numerical assessment is used for evaluation during the first six years. A new school starting from a blank sheet has more chances in carrying out the new National Curriculum’s goal of turning the Estonian educational system more value based. We are building on the positive experience on the educational landscape combining Christian values and innovative school practices.

Creating a new school is a challenging process. It requires careful planning, hard work and dedication. We have been active in raising funds to purchase our own building. Currently the school operates in rented premises in Siili St 14, Tallinn. In March 2019 the school purchased a plot of land in Kivimäe, a green suburb in Tallinn. We are currently in the process of planning and raising funds for our very own schoolhouse to be built there by 2021.

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Püha Johannese Kooli Sihtasutus
IBAN: EE571700017003217508
Nordea Bank Finland Plc Estonia Branch, Liivalaia 45, 10145 Tallinn, Estonia