Address: Kivimäe 25, Tallinn.
Size of the property: 2.1 hectares

Cost of the building: about 6 million euros
The teachers and students of St John’s School have long
been dreaming of their own school building. In 2019,
we moved a step closer to making this dream come
true by purchasing a plot of land covered with old pine
trees in Nõmme, a green suburb of Tallinn. Considering a
mortgage we are also seeking to raise 6 million euros in
donations in order to build a new home for the school.
The architect’s designs envisage preserving the
existing landscape and integrating the school into it.
The schoolyard would be free from cars as the car park
would be some distance from the school. The new
school building would take into account the interests
of the local community in Nõmme and develop a good
relationship with its inhabitants.
The school building will reflect a holistic approach to
the development of the human personality. We plan to
create an environment for educational development
which reflects both contemporary ideals and ancients
traditions. It will be not just a school, but more of an
educational centre open to the wider world. Conferences
and seminars, further education courses and sporting
events will be organised. The complex will include a
kindergarten, schools specialising in music and hobbies,
facilities for dance and theatre performances, all of which
will be open to the public. There will be a school cafeteria
open to families after school hours.